Book Group

Hyperlinked titles have an associated bibliography of works discussed during the session. Click through to view.

Transatlantic Reading Group 2019-20

October 14, 2019 Desmond Fitz-Gibbon, Marketable Values: Inventing the Property Market in Modern Britain (2018)
October 28, 2018 Steven Press, Rogue Empires: Contracts and Conmen in Europe’s Scramble for Africa (2017)
December 2, 2018 (postponed until 2020/2021) Charlotte Greenhalgh, Aging in Twentieth-Century Britain (2018)
January 27, 2020 Marie Hicks, Programmed Inequality: How Britain Discarded Women Technologists and Lost Its Edge in Computing (2017)
February 10, 2019 Clair Wills, Lovers and Strangers: An Immigrant History of Postwar Britain (2017)
March 2, 2019 Florence Sutcliffe-Braithwaite, Class, Politics, and the Decline of Deference in England, 1968-2000 (2018)
April 27, 2019 Guy Ortolano, Thatcher’s Progress: From Social Democracy to Market Liberalism through an English New Town (2019)

Transatlantic Reading Group 2018-19

October 22, 2018 Erika Rappaport, A Thirst for Empire: How Tea Shaped the Modern World (2017)
November 12, 2018 Elizabeth Buettner, Europe after Empire: Decolonization, Society, and Culture (2016)
December 3, 2018 Robert Saunders, Yes to Europe! The 1975 Referendum and Seventies Britain (2018)
January 28, 2019 David Edgerton, The Rise and Fall of the British Nation: A 20th-Century History (2018)
February 11, 2019 Christopher Hilliard, The Littlehampton Libels: A Miscarriage of Justice and a Mystery
about Words in 1920s England (2017)
April 29, 2019 Tim Rogan, The Moral Economists: R.H. Tawney, Karl Polanyi, E.P. Thompson, and the
Critique of Capitalism (2018)
May 12, 2019 (rescheduled from March 4) Emily Robinson, The Language of Progressive Politics in Modern Britain (2017)

Transatlantic Reading Group 2017-18

October 16, 2017 Aled Davies, The City of London and Social Democracy: The Political Economy of Finance in Post-war Britain (2017)
November 13, 2017 Emily Jones, Edmund Burke and the Invention of Modern Conservatism, 1830-1914 (2017)
November 27, 2017 Amanda Anderson, Bleak Liberalism (2016)
January 29, 2018 Matt Houlbrook, Prince of Tricksters: The Incredible True Story of Netley Lucas, Gentleman Crook (2016)
February 19, 2018 Catherine Hall et al., Legacies of British Slave-Ownership: Colonial Slavery and the Formation of Victorian Britain (2014)
April 30, 2018 Alison Light, Common People: The History of an English Family (2014)
May 14, 2018 (rescheduled from March) John Bew, Citizen Clem: A Biography (2016)

Transatlantic Reading Group 2016-17

October 17, 2016 Thomas Dixon, Weeping Britannia: A Portrait of a Nation in Tears (2015)
October 31, 2016 Erik Linstrum, Ruling Minds: Psychology in the British Empire (2016)
November 28, 2016 Helen Smith, Masculinity, Class and Same-Sex Desire in Industrial England, 1895-1957 (2015)
January 23, 2017 Katrina Navickas, Protest and the Politics of Space and Place, 1789-1848 (2015)
February 6, 2017 Marc Matera, Black London: The Imperial Metropolis and Decolonization in the Twentieth Century (2015)
March 6, 2017 James Smith, British Writers and MI5 Surveillance, 1930-1960 (2012)
May 1, 2017 Antoinette Burton, The Trouble with Empire: Challenges to Modern British Imperialism (2015)

Transatlantic Reading Group 2015-16

October 20, 2015 Carolyn Steedman, An Everyday Life of the English Working Class: Work, Self and Sociability in the Early Nineteenth Century (2013)
November 10, 2015 William Whyte, Redbrick: A Social and Architectural History of Britain’s Civic Universities (2015)
December 1, 2015 Julie-Marie Strange, Fatherhood and the British Working Class, 1865-1914 (2015)
February 2, 2016 Seth Koven, The Match Girl and the Heiress (2015)
February 23, 2016 Susan Pedersen, The Guardians: The League of Nations and the Crisis of Empire (2015)
March 8, 2016 Michael Saler, As If: Modern Enchantment and the Literary Prehistory of Virtual Reality (2012)
May 3, 2016 Mathew Thomson, Lost Freedom: The Landscape of the Child and the British Post-War Settlement (2013)