New York – Cambridge Training Collaboration (NYCTC) in Twentieth-Century British History

The New York – Cambridge Training Collaboration (NYCTC) brings together faculty and PhD students in twentieth-century British history from Cambridge, Columbia, and NYU. Launched in 2015, the collaboration now encompasses seven faculty members (Lucy Delap, Peter Mandler, Michael Joseph, Guy Ortolano, Ren Pepitone, Susan Pedersen, and James Stafford) and some twenty PhD students across the three institutions. It aims to create a trans-Atlantic peer cohort to benefit participants at every stage of their studies, from their initial entry into the field to their eventual placement in teaching positions. The group regularly convenes via video-link during the academic year to discuss new books in the field, in addition to meeting in-person twice annually for workshops in Cambridge and New York. The core of the collaboration, these fully-funded workshops feature discussions of thesis chapters, thematic roundtables, public outreach, professional development, pedagogical training, and archive visits, in addition to informal meals and socializing. We invite you to spend some time exploring the NYCTC site; for further information, especially if you are a prospective PhD student to one of the three participating institutions, please feel welcome to contact any of the faculty organizers.

After ten years in operation, NYCTC will conclude its activity with a final workshop in Cambridge in July 2024.