The seventh annual meeting of the NYCTC workshop was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For our replacement summer programming, please see here. The original schedule is posted below for reference and posterity.

New York University, New York
March 17-19 2020

Monday, March 16

Arrivals and check-in at Washington Square Hotel, 103 Waverly Place

Tuesday, March 17

9:15-10:30       Work-in-progress 1: Sam Coggeshall (Comment: Harry Mace)

10:30-11:00     Coffee

11:00-12:15     Work-in-progress 2: Ellie Lowe (Comment: Alice Gorton)

12.15-1:15       Lunch (on your own)

1:15-3:00         Professional development: “Translating job application materials”
UK cover letter: Laura Carter, US cover letter: Susan Pedersen, Diversity statement: Alma Igra, Teaching philosophy: Guy                          Ortolano, Teaching proposal: Kieran Connell, Mock teaching session: Niamh Gallagher)

4:00-5:30         Tour the “Women March” exhibit on U.S. women’s collective action, 1820-2020. Led by NYCTC alumna (& Historical                                   Society postdoc), Anna Danziger Halperin, New York Historical Society, 170 Central Park West

6:30                 Small group dinners

9:00-ish           St. Patrick’s Day folk music outing (optional; details to follow from Lucy Delap & Niamh Gallagher)

Wednesday, March 18

9:30-10:45       Work-in-progress 3: Ivan Collister (Comment: Andrew Seaton)

11:00-1:00       Public event: “From dissertation to book”
Hannah Farber, Assistant Professor, Columbia University, and author of Underwriters of the United States, under contract                          from Omohundro/ UNC Press; Susan Ferber, Executive Editor, Oxford University Press; Peter Mandler, Academic Editor,                          “Modern British Histories,” Cambridge University Press; Sam Wetherell, Lecturer, York University, and author of                                          Foundations: How the Built Environment Made Twentieth-Century Britain, forthcoming from Princeton UP

1:00-2:00         Lunch (catered)

2:15-3:15         Discussion of Florence Sutcliffe-Braithwaite’s Class, Politics, and the Decline of Deference, with introductions by Taym                              Saleh and Lucy Sharp

3:30-4:45         Work-in-progress 4: Roslyn Dubler (Comment: George Severs)

7:30                 Dinner at Susan Pedersen’s apartment

Thursday, March 19

9:30-10:45       Work in progress 5: Taym Saleh (Comment: Barnaby Raine)

10:45-11:15     Coffee

11:15-              Future planning